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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rasaalaa or Sikharinee
a spiced and sweetened curd recipe

Various recipes of a type of curd preparation are mentioned in the classic literature of the Vedic civilization. Some of them are still in use today. The North Indian lassi is one among them. The recipe given below is said to be formulated by the epical hero Bheemasena, the son of Kuntee Devi. Bheemasena is noted for his appetite and cooking talents. During his life incognito he worked as a cook in Virata’s royal cuisine. This recipe is from Bhojana-kutoohala
a classic on Indian medical cookery. The book provides nine different types of spiced and
sweetened curds, some are specific for certain diseases such as diarrhea and neurological
disorders. It is also mentioned that the recipe given here was relished by Lord Krshna himself.

The recipe is termed “Bheemasena-sikharinee”.

Over-stayed curd 1600 g.
Sugar candy 800 g.
Ghee 50 g.
Honey 50 g.
Black pepper 25 g.
Dry ginger 25 g.
Camphor – a small quantity for flavor.
Powder sugar candy, black pepper and dry ginger separately. Sequentially mix them well with the curd. Add honey and ghee. Filter with fine
muslin cloth. Flavor the filtrate with camphor.
Serve in attractive tumblers.

Lassy for sexual prowess
Here is another recipe which is more akin to the North Indian Lassi. This is considered as a good aphrodisiac that promotes sexual prowess and increases the quantity of semen. This can be used regularly in all seasons except summer. The recipe improves the strength of all sensory faculties. It is refreshing and energizing. It is nourishing to those tired by coitus and walking long distances.

a)Main ingredients
Sour curd made from she Buffalo’s milk (without adding water) 3200 g.
Sugar 1600 g.
Milk 1600 ml.
b) Spices and flavoring agents (quantity not specified)
Cardamom seeds
Black pepper
Mix sugar in small quantities with the curd in a new earthenware and churn well to dissolve the sugar. Add milk and mix well. Powder the spices and flavoring agent and mix well with the mixture. Filter through muslin. Serve in attractive tumblers.

Enjoy Friends!

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