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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Deserve All that is Good

I Deserve All that is Good.
I deserve everything that is Good.
Not partially or a little, but I deserve everything that is good in this world.
Today, I leave behind all of the negative and restrictive thoughts in my life.
I affirm that I am not tied down to the fears and prejudice of society.
I look beyond all of the things and attachments in this world that may limit my potential in any way.

In my mind I have complete freedom.
I celebrate my new state of consciousness and presence.

I acknowledge today that I am one with the Universe.
Being one with the Universe I understand and accept all of the prosperity and joy that is inherent in our Universe.
All of my potentiality opens up with this realization - bringing with it all of the prosperity that I deserve.
I also deserve a good life.
I deserve love and an abundance of love.
I deserve good health.
I deserve a comfortable life and prosperity.
I deserve Joy and Happiness.
I deserve the liberation that allows me to reach my potential.
I deserve all that is good.

I accept this abundant life with joy and gratitude. I accept all that I deserve.

So Be It,

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