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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ayurvedic Medicines and Preventative Measures


Ayurveda means Knowledge of life. It focuses on – ‘Swaasthasya Samrakshanam’ which means Maintaining health and ‘Aaturasya Vikara Prashamanam’ means removing diseases. Ayurveda is the only science which provides the scientific ways to prevent diseases.

Ayurveda advises certain daily regimes, which a man if follows, will not be afflicted with any disease. Most of day to days diseases which are termed as LIFE STYLE DISORDERS, which include from allergy to cancer, are occurring due to the bad regimes or non-regimes life.

Following are some of the Regimens that are mentioned in Ayurveda which if followed daily will maintain a human healthy. They should be practiced in order.

1) Braahma muhurta Uttistanam(Getting up at Brahma muhurta)-
Brahma muhurta is the time nearly 90 mins before sunrise. Getting up between 4.30 am and 5 am can be considered best, between 5 and 5.30 am is moderate. But, should never sleep after 5.45 am. It is said as ‘Braahmae muhurtae uttistaet swasto rakshaartam aayushaha’-a person who wants to maintain his life healthy, should wake up at braahma muhurta

2) Danta Dhavana(Brushing of Teeth)-
The next activity is to brush your teeth. Teeth have to be brushed with some medicinal plant leaves or powders or stem twigs. It should be also be practiced after having food or drinks. At least teeth should be thoroughly brushed using fingers after food. The majority cause for teeth and gum problems is poor oral hygiene.

3) Jihwa Nirlekhana(Tongue Scraping)-
After Danta dhavana in the morning, scrap your tongue mildly with any metal tongue scrapers. It will remove the accumulated wastes on your tongue and bad odour of mouth and keeps mouth fresh.

4) Anjanam(Application of Kaajal in eyes)-
This is one of the most important regimes that even women are not practicing today. Anjanam if done every day will prevent dryness of eyes, which further prevents all infectious and communicable eye diseases, will enhance color vision, create good looking eyes and make eyes able to see small objects. In Short, Applying Anjana every day will reduce chances of refractive errors, color blindness, infective and communicable diseases of eyes. Chemical eyeliners may make your eye shine, but they will definitely harm your eyes.

5) Nasyam(Instilling nasal drops)-
Instillation of medicated drops in the nose is nasya. Nasya is specially indicated for prevention of diseases organs above neck i.e., nose, head, hairs etc. Doing nasya daily with 2 drops of medicated oil in each nostril will result in strong healthy shoulder, neck, normally functioning eyes, ears, brain and prevention of premature graying, excessive hair fall, recurrent rhinitis, recurrent sinusitis, pain in the neck, recurrent headaches, stress and makes voice soft and clear.

6) Gandoosham(Holding medicated liquid in mouth)-
Holding mouthful of medicated liquid in mouth for some time is gandoosha. It prevents Enamel damage thus preventing teeth sensitivity to hot and cold, removes gum damage and makes its root strong thus assuring a good oral and dental health. It Should be practiced atleast once in a week.

7) Dhoomapanam(Inhalation of medicated smoke)-
Inhalation of medicated smoke is dhoomapanam. It prevents problems pertaining to sinuses, palate, chronic cough, respiratory complaints like asthma, premature hair fall or graying, and any infection relating to ears.

8) Taamboola Charvanam(Chewing Betel Leaves)-
It has been advised to chew betel leaves with some medicated drugs like pepper, pure camphor etc and never with Tobacco. It enhances salivary secretion and prevents cancer of mouth. It also removes dirt from mouth and deodorizes mouth, keeps them fresh and keeps gums healthy. It will also scrap the yellow deposits from the teeth and make your teeth white and shining It should be practiced atleast once in a week.

9) Abhyangam(Oil Application)-
Application of medicated oil should be done every day. It prevents aging of skin and dryness and cracking of skin. Abhyanga should be done on Face, Head, Ears and Foot. Applying oil on face prevents the formation of Black Circles, Black Spots, Black heads and other cosmetic problems of the face. It should be practiced atleast once in a week.

10) Vyaayamam(Excerise)-
It should be followed everyday. It reduces Excess Fat Accumulation and Related Disorders, Increases Quality of Metabolic Reactions in body, Reduces unwanted fats and gives shape to body and reduces overweight. It should be practiced only till ‘Ardhasakti’ i.e. till you start breathing through your mouth alone or till your mouth gets dry or till your face, arm-pit and body gets sweat. If practiced even after that it, will create bad affects.

11) Mardana(Massage)-
After Vyayama mild mardana is advised as it will produce relaxation of muscles and normalizes blood supply.

12) Udwartanam(Powder Massage)-
After Mardana powder massage with medicated drugs should be done. It Removes Excess fat, Fats deposits from muscles and liver, reduces clot formation in heart vessels and produces shining skin. It removes all the skin problems like excessive moist skin, and fungal infections of skin. If Rubbed on face it will produce fair skin. Atleast it should be practiced once in a week.

13) Snanam(bath)-
This is also a regime which is not being done regularly today. Bathing of Body should be done with warm water and head with cool water. Never bath head with hot water. It causes defects for eyes, head and hairs. Never have bath immediately after having food.

14) After Bath, have your morning food. It is advised ‘jeernae hitam mitam cha adtyaat’-eat only after the previous days dinner has been well digested. Take the morning meal only in minimum quantity, and that too which is good for health. Avoid fried and Oily foods in the morning.

The procedures like Anjanam, Nasyam, Gandoosham, Dhoomapanam, Tamboola Charvanam, Abhyangam and Udwartanam should not be directly started if there is some active problems going inside body. They should be only done under an expert advise with suitable medicines for subsiding the problem.

Body gets healthy when,

- there is hunger at proper time
- Eats food only after getting hunger
- there is complete and easy digestion of consumed food
- natural urges likes motion, urine, faltus passage are not suppressed
- there is lightness of body
- all indriyas are functioning properly
- there is sound sleep and waking at proper time

When the above are properly practiced body attained bala(immune power or resistance), Varna(Complexion), Enthusiasm and Best Quality metabolic power of body.

So beware: if you find any one of the above components deranged, your body has been set in a problematic state and it’s the right time to give care to it, so that very severe diseases can be prevented.

Prevention is always better than cure. When you have simple low economic regimes that can be practiced daily to make you healthy, why to spend lakhs of rupees for curing the most dreaded diseases occurred after a non-regimous life. Think!

Quality of Life is always in your hands. You can make it good or bad.

Follow Ayurveda. Lead a Healthy Life.

Dr. Praveen Balakrishnan BAMS,
Registered Ayurveda Practioner
TD West Road Ernakulam.

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